Kinley & Mal Kids

Kinley & Mal Kids group is our newest adventure for our brand. We have been asked for several years to carry kids clothes and now we are so excited to take this leap of faith. This collection is only on FACEBOOK at this time. Click here to join. 
How Does It Work??

Simple- a month or so out from every major holiday/Season Megan & team will post 6-12 options for girls, baby and boys. You must comment before the closing date of the order which will be made clear on every order.

Everything is going to be a PRESELL basis. I just want the chance to offer adorable clothes for a STEAL of a DEAL! My goal is for everything to be below $35 !!! 

You simply comment on the picture: email state and sizes. I will invoice you once the items arrive and have been inspected.

How does that sound? 
To join us click here!